Why Do Buyers Back Out Of Buying a Home?

Daniele S. Gordon | November 28, 2022

Buyers back out of buying a home for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons include:
  • The home appraisal returns a lower value than the asking price

If the seller isn’t willing to negotiate down, then most people won’t move forward with the sale — unless they’re desperate to find a new home.
  • The inspection returns unattractive results

A home inspection may come back with fundamental issues that may cost the new buyer a pretty penny.
  • The buyer didn’t secure financing

If the buyer fails to prequalify for a loan or the buyer’s financial circumstances change, then the buyer may not be approved for a loan and will not be able to finance the home.
  • Title issues

Before closing, the buyer should request a title inspection. If there are any liens or claims to the house that are not cleared up at the buyer’s convenience, they may walk.
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