Why Would a House Come Back on The Market?

Daniele S. Gordon | December 20, 2022

When a home comes “back on the market,” that means it was under contract but now has come back and is available for sale. Before you immediately assume this is a huge red flag, check out some common reasons homes come back on the market below!
Buyers and sellers make an agreement on a home and everyone including the agents hope the sale goes according to plan but, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. So, why do pending home sales fall through? There are quite a few issues that can come up leading to a home going back on the market.
Here are 6 common reasons homes come back on the market:
  • Home Inspection Problems
  • The Home Didn’t Appraise
  • The Buyer’s Financing Was Denied
  • Buyer’s Remorse
  • Buyers Could Be Submitting Offers On Multiple Homes
  • Title Issues Are Uncovered On The Home
It’s sometimes assumed that there is something wrong with the home if it gets listed “back on the market.” However, that’s not always the case, your Real Estate Agent should be able to provide you with answers as to why a home has been re-listed.
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